Schools OnAlert

OnAlert’s mission:  protect the Lives, safety, and wellbeing of students, teachers and staff in our schools

OnAlert provides a new type of security technology for schools, protecting children and staff from a variety of threats affecting their safety and wellbeing.  Most notably, OnAlert equips schools with a practical and affordable defense against wanton gun violence.

With OnAlert, our children and teachers will become less susceptible to violence in school.

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Business OnAlert

OnAlert’s Mission: protect the safety, wellbeing and lives of people who work in commercial offices.

Businesses are vulnerable to costly disruptions and people in the workplace are exposed to the threat of violence.

OnAlert provides an affordable technology businesses need to mitigate a wide range of threats impacting the stability of their business and affecting the security and wellbeing of their employees.

With OnAlert, businesses easily and effectively fulfil their responsibility to maintain a safe work environment.

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Government OnAlert

OnAlert’s Mission: protect the safety, wellbeing and lives of people who work for the government.

Government is also vulnerable to disruption, while people working in government are exposed to the growing prospect of violence where they work. OnAlert provides easily used technology ensuring a faster and more effective first-response to threats that can occur in government offices, diminishing the effect of violence.

With OnAlert, people can be made safer and the workplace made more secure without creating a restrictive and stultifying work environment.

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Worship & Events OnAlert

OnAlert’s Mission: protect the safety and wellbeing of people where they gather for worship, for events or entertainment

People are becoming more aware that they are vulnerable to violence when attend public events, whether its worship, entertainment, sports, or simply shopping. OnAlert uses an unobtrusive approach to security that can report and quickly neutralize a wide variety of threats to people’s safety and wellbeing.

With OnAlert, vulnerability can be alleviated without sacrificing the sense of openness that has always characterized our public venues.

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Relentless Preparation.

Modern threats of terror­ism and social unrest have in­spired the founders of OnAlert Technolo­gies to devel­op prod­ucts which estab­lish high­er standards of safety for all.

OnAlert is an enterprise-lev­el mobile app devel­oped specif­ically for schools, busi­nesses, and govern­ment entities to reduce the amount of time it takes to report, respond to, and re­solve threats to their as­sociated popu­lations.

Us­ing the most advanced technology avail­able, the app is able to co­or­dinate, then ex­pe­d­ite, complex data to crit­ical responders in flu­id, of­ten dan­ger­ous, envi­ron­ments. OnAlert’s elite, pro­pri­etary system responds to 14 spe­cif­ic types of threats including gunshots, bombs, suspicious activ­ity, weapons, fights, drugs, and oth­er time-sensitive emergencies.

The app is customizable to best fit each organization’s needs, including the ability to establish levels of authorization, threat assessment priority, and coordinate with local law enforcement.

OnAlert is developed specifically for organizations associated with the following locales:

• Schools

• Office buildings

• Churches and places of worship

• Theaters and entertainment venues

• Health care facilities

• Arenas, stadiums and sports venues

• Malls and retail locations

• Military installations

• Government facilities

Locations most at risk for active shooters

80% of total active shooter incidents take place at work, school and government.



73 incidents



39 incidents


Government Properties

16 incidents

Source: FBI, A Study of Active Shooters in the United States between 2000 and 2013.

Make your environment safer...Today.

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