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Making Schools Safer, Teachers and Students More Secure, Principals and Administrators…More Prepared

OnAlert Threat Manager: a mobile app used by a schools staff to reduce the amount of time it takes to report, respond to and resolve threats to students and teachers.  In effect, the OnAlert system automates the threat notification and response process. It encompasses 14 types of threats that occur schools, including such things as gunshots, weapons, fights, drugs, and medical emergencies.

The Steps: Report – Respond – Resolve

When a threatening event occurs in a school, OnAlert immediately notifies everyone who needs to know…and gives them all the information needed for quick, effective response and resolution.

STEP 1: Report

When a teacher observes a threat, they use the OnAlert app to report it and within a few seconds OnAlert notifies everyone in the school who needs to respond to the threat.

Step 2: Respond

Each designated responder receives a notification screen on her/his mobile device, providing information about the threat, including its location in the building.

STEP 3: Resolve

At that point, both the person reporting the threat and everyone responding to the threat have the OnAlert App open, and they remain in real-time communication via the app till the threat is resolved.

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