OnAlert Mission

OnAlert’s Mission:
Protect the lives, safety and wellbeing of people while they are in School,at Work, or wherever they gather in public.

Vision and Mission

OnAlert’s guiding vision is to create and sell technology that counters a wide range of threats to people’s safety and wellbeing in schools, businesses, and other places people gather.

OnAlert’s mission is to develop and sell technology providing effective protection from the growing
prospects of gun violence in schools and the workplace.

It provides technology that reduces people’s vulnerability to a wide range of threats to their safety when they gather together.  It deters violence, and hardens our “softest targets”–our schools.

It provides a new type of technology to schools, businesses, government agencies, and entertainment venues that gives them a defense against the growing threat from terrorist groups, disturbed individuals, and criminal activity.

It provides technology to reduce people’s vulnerability to violence wherever they gather, to deter violence, and to harden our “softest targets”–our schools.


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OnAlert’s Mission: Protect the safety, wellbeing and lives of people who work in commercial and government offices.

OnAlert will provide unique products that will save lives and make people feel safer in a world afflicted by the growing fear of violence and other threats to their safety and wellbeing.

OnAlert provides technology that will schools, businesses, institutions more prepared to deal with the ever-looming threat of gun violence in businesses and schools.

Furthermore, people who are in positions of authority in schools, in businesses, in churches, in government are feeling intense pressure to take action, to find new ways to protect their students, employees, parishioners, and customers.

OnAlert provides practical products that businesses and schools can afford to buy that reduces their liability, protects the viability of their business, and satisfies their acute need to protect the people in they serve.


OnAlert’s Mission: Protect the safety and wellbeing of people when they gather for events and to be entertained

People feel increasingly threatened by the prospect of gun violence, and other threats to their safety and security, when they attend public events.  OnAlert is making a new type of product that will make people feel safer and less vulnerable to the specter of gun violence and the other threats to their safety in public events.

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