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Who Will Use the Threat Manager App?

Any staff member can download and use the OnAlert Threat Manager App, including:

  1. Teachers and staff in the school members who could observe or encounter a threatening event can use the app to report it
  2. Principals, Resource Officers, school nurses and others designated by the school to be responders can use the app to receive threat alert notifications sent by the teachers and staff.
  3. Teachers, staff members, and responders will all use the Threat Manager app to communicate time critical information during the course of the threat event


What Types of Threats Can the School’s staff Report Via the Threat Manager?

  1. Gunshots heard 7. Truancy or Missing Student
  2. Weapons seen 8. Auto Accident in Parking Lot
  3. Intruders present 9. Drug or Alcohol Incidents
  4. Fight Occurring 10. Abuse Occurring
  5. Disturbance in classroom 11. Suspicious Package
  6. Medical Emergency 12 Building Issues Need Attention

911 can also be called and a general purpose ‘Silent Alarm‘ function is also presented.

The various threat types are reported and 911 called by pressing Icons on the Threat Manager screen


Can Schools Configure How the Threat Manager App Works For Them?

Yes, definitely!  Each school district can configure which set of threat types will be available by school type.  The OnAlert system supports 13 specific threat types, plus the ‘Silent Alarm’.  School districts can add or delete threat types. Elementary school users, middle school users, and high school users could be presented different sets of threats on their apps.

In addition, the school district can select which people inside each school will be responders and receive threat alert notifications on their mobile phones for each of the threat types supported by the app.


Can Outside First-Responders Receive Threat Notifications from the Threat Manager app?

Yes!  The school can authorize any law enforcement officer, EMS person, fireman or other first-responders to download and use the app.  The school can also select which type of threat events they want OnAlert to send to which outside first-responders; threats like gunshots or intruders could be reported to local police and medical emergencies to EMS personnel.  In addition, OnAlert maintains a direct computer interface with 911 centers to send selected threat events, such as when multiple people report gunshots.


Is it difficult to use?

No. OnAlert was specifically designed for easy use in difficult, hurried situationsThe system is highly intuitive and takes only a few minutes to understand. In addition, OnAlert provides training videos and other training materials to the schools.  And the Threat Manager app also includes a training mode so staff can use the app in a simulated situations to learn how it operates.


Can the School District Administrative Offices Use the OnAlert Threat Manager App?

Yes.  The OnAlert app can be used by people in the school district offices as well as those in the school.  The school district can easily configure the app to reflect the kinds of threats faced in an office environment versus a school environment.

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